NEWS 2016 / 2017

Barry Guy has been appointed Honorary Professor at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen.

On Easter Sunday  16. April we will be pre-celebrate  Barry’s 70th Birthday with four concerts at the Vortex Jazz Club,  London.

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Barrys  actual birthday on 22. April will be celebrated on the Saturday night of our three days Barrow River Arts Festival in Borris, Co. Carlow


There will be an art exhibition in the beautiful spaces of Borris House Ballroom and The Granary with works by Bernadette Kiely, Alastair Proud  and Clotilde Peters opening on Friday at 6pm with music by the renowned Uilleann Piper David Power  followed by a concert with Savina Yannatou - voice, Francesco Turrisi - piano and Barry Guy - double bass performing "Songs from the Mediterranean".

Saturday promises an especially exciting mixture of events ranging from a trio with dance, piano and percussion featuring the amazing Flamenco/Buto dancer Sonia Sanchez together with Agustí Fernández - piano and Ivo Sans - percussion, to a duo recital of guitar and voice with the Irish soprano Sylvia O’Brien and Ben Dwyer with works by Sor, Garcia Lorca, de Falla and Dwyer (world première) and finally after the already legendary Swiss Sausage Dinner: the BEYOND Trio featuring Jürg Wickihalder on saxophone with Barry Guy - bass and Lucas Niggli - percussion.

On Sunday  Camerata Kilkenny will perform Bach Arias and Swedish Folk Songs together with one of our all time favourite sopranos Maria Keohane.  Also Barry McGovern will join us again, reading texts by Samuel Beckett.  For the Finale of BRAF 2017 we welcome back Polina Leschenko - piano and Nathan Braude - viola with works by Chopin, Grieg and Britten.



During June / July  2017 Maya Homburger  and Barry Guy will launch their  special project  BACH MEDITATION which presents an exciting new concept of performing Bach’s solo violin sonatas and partitas in a constant flow of three to four hours, interspersed with the exquisite jewel like miniatures composed by György Kurtág.  Please read the enclosed PDF for more information.

pdf BACH MEDITATION and bass

We hope that many friends and lovers of Bach’s solo works and of our Homburger / Guy Duo will get in touch with us and offer to organise this event in their local church or any other space of their choice.


RELEASED in  2015  on the Maya Recordings label :

“Time Passing…” MCD1501

This live recording of the epic composition “Time Passing…”  by Barry Guy based on texts by Samuel Beckett, Edwin Morgan and Kerry Hardie, features the stunning achievement of the singers Savina Yannatou, Anja Pöche ,Matthew Brook and  bass improvisations by Barry Guy who acted also as conductor of the brilliantly performing Camerata Zurich.

We would like to share this excellently written review by the Irish composer and guitarist Ben Dwyer  with you.

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RELEASED in 2014

Torben Snekkestad and Barry Guy SLIP SLIDE AND COLLIDE MCD1401
Torben Snekkestad - saxophones , reed-trumpet Barry Guy - double bass
This Duo CD documents a new collaboration of Barry Guy together with the exceptional Norwegian saxophonist Torben Snekkestad.
At convergent boundaries, tectonic plates collide with each other, sometimes slowly, other times giving way suddenly with huge energy being expended. The various plates that encompass this planet either get sub ducted by being bent and pulled under the crust, or they collide and fold the rock at the boundary creating mountains. Whatever way the plates move, there is an end result only for a moment as the forces adjust. There are indeed certain moments when the individual contributions by the two players are modified by collision - and sonic adjustments are made when one voice slips and slides around the other. This all happens in the blink of an eye compared to the millions of years that the earth adjusts its crust. Thinking of these players as “forces of nature”, I suggested that they use titles pertaining to islands surrounding their homelands. Torben Snekkestad (although residing in Denmark) has Norwegian islands and Barry Guy (residing in Switzerland) has Irish islands (referring to a country which could be called his chosen homeland). We chose the title “Slip Slide and Collide” as a playful affiliation, but nevertheless there is indeed a special moment when two powerful players negotiate their musical boundaries and present us with islands of creativity and resolution. liner notes by Maya Homburger

earlier releases on Maya Recordings:

Agustí Fernández Barry Guy Ramón López
“A Moment’s Liberty”
Recorded live by Ferran Conangla, May 11, 2013 in Loft Cologne
The new AURORA trio CD “A Moment’s Liberty” with Agustí Fernández (piano), Barry Guy (bass) and Ramón López (drums and percussion) follows their much acclaimed CDs “Aurora” and “Morning Glory”.

pdf A moments liberty - aurora Trio

The amazing recording of all Six Partitas for Solo Harpsichord by J. S. Bach played masterfully by Malcolm Proud (MCD1301) has just been voted Classical Album of the Year in the Irish Times:
J.S. Bach Clavier Übung Teil I "Clavir Übung – bestehend in Praeludien, Allemanden, Couranten, Sarabanden und Giguen, Menuetten und anderen Galanterien; Denen Liebhabern zur Gemüths Ergoetzung verfertigt von Johann Sebastian Bach, Musikdirektor zu Leipzig, Opus 1.“ Bachs Partiten sind häufig als die großartigste der Suitensammlungen hervorgehoben worden, das barocke Pendant zu Beethovens Klaviersonaten. Dies trifft insofern zu als Bach in Stücken wie der Toccata, Sarabande und Gigue der e-Moll Partita, weit über die Grenzen seiner Zeit hinausgeht, und in seinen expressiven Explorationen genau so radikal ist wie Beethoven in seinen späten Sonaten. Sie gehören zu den höchsten Errungenschaften der Westlichen Kunstmusik. Aus den Liner Notes von David Ledbetter

J.S. Bach Clavier Übung Part I ‘Keyboard Practice consisting of Preludes, Allemandes, Courantes, Sarabandes, Gigues, Menuets, and other galanteries; prepared for the delight of spirit of music lovers by Johann Sebastian Bach... Director of Music for Leipzig. Opus 1.’ Bach’s Partitas have often been singled out as the greatest of suite collections, the Baroque equivalent of Beethoven’s piano Sonatas. This is true inasmuch as Bach, in such pieces as the Toccata, Sarabande and Gigue of the E minor Partita, goes far beyond the limitations of his time, in expressive explorations every bit as radical as Beethoven in his late Sonatas. They belong with the supreme achievements of western art music. From the Liner Notes by David Ledbetter

with original art work on the cover by great artists, designers and photographer who have donated these pieces to support our CD label.
We will create the LP sleeves piece by piece, as the orders will come in.
If you are interested in this very special production , please send us an e-mail to and we will send you photos with samples of the artists work.
PS. Price for this LP (incl.p&p) Euro 88 (Europe) , Euro 98 (rest of the world)
COVER ART for the LP:
Each of the following artists has given us 10 – 15 pieces. However, several artists’ contributions have sold out.
Caroline Forbes (U.K.) , Photographs Alan Davie (U.K.), Ink on Paper , works from the 90ties Albert Irvin (U.K.), Acrylic on paper , 1995 Vanche (Belgium) , Acrylic on paper, 1995 Hans Husel , (Germany) "Signs of Music" Mixed Media 1995 Jan Erik Willgohs (Norway) , Acrylic on Card , 1994 Fred Hellier (U.K.), Ink on Paper, mounted on card, 1993 Paul Mosse (Ireland) , Works on paper, various dates Barry Guy (U.K.) Acrylic , Ink and mixed media on paper, 1994