25 May


Galway Early Music Festival with Camerata Kilkenny Leader - Maya Homburger

31 May


Zumikon, Haus Bill, Reading by Adolf Muschg and music by Homburger / Guy Duo

9. June


Halle, Handel Festival - Camerata Kilkenny

13. - 17. June


Bielefeld, Essen and Cologne with Snekkestad, Fernandez , Guy TRIO

12. July


London, Evan Parker / Barry Guy DUO , Vortex Jazz Club http://vortexjazz.co.uk/

13. July


London, Howard Riley Trio with B. Guy and Lucas Niggli, Vortex Jazz Club http://vortexjazz.co.uk/

23. - 26. July


Barcelona - concert with Homburger / Guy Duo and A. Fernandez at the Gala Dinner of the 26th International Conference on Atomic Physics http://icap2018.eu and "Liquid Trio" CD recording

10. Aug


Helsinki , Vantaa Festival with Camerata Kilkenny The Piper and the Fairy Queen http://www.brq.fi/en/ohjelma

26. Aug


Konstanz, Christine Fischer (poetry) and Maya Homburger http://www.zimmerbuehne.de

29. Aug - 1. Sep


Magnano (North Italy) Camerata Kilkenny and Maria Keohane with Bach Solo Arias and Swedish Chorals http://www.musicaanticamagnano.com/

2. - 6. Sep


Propstei St. Gerold (Austri) Recordings with Camerata Kilkenny and Maria Keohane

7. Sep


Stammheim, Reformierte Kirche Unterstammheim Camerata Kilkenny, Maria Keohane, Bach Arias and Swedish Chorals

13. Sep


Smartno, Slovenia, Homburger / Guy Duo http://www.bcmf.si

16. Sep


Antwerpen , BACH MEDITATION with Homburger / Guy Duo

19. / 20. Sep


Prague, Workshop and Concert with Homburger / Guy Duo

21. - 23. Sep


Wlen (Poland) three days festival for Marek Wieniarski

28. Sep


Frauenfeld, AURORA Trio

29. Sep


Geneva, AURORA Trio

30. Sep


Budapest, Homburger / Guy Duo with Zlatko Kaucic

8. / 9. Oct


Basel Schola Cantorum, Maya Homburger Master Class

11. - 14. Oct


Krakow, Residency : Barry Guy and friends

20. Oct


Murnau, Homburger / Guy Duo

7. Nov


Dublin, Couperin Project with Camerata Kilkenny

18. Nov


Montfort , Monforter Zwischentöne Maya Homburger Solo https://www.montforter-zwischentoene.at

30. Nov


Vienna, Wien Modern Festival LJCO with HARMOS

9. Dec


Leipzig, Trio concert with Günter Baby Sommer, Oliver Schwerdt and Barry Guy

29. Dec


Romanshorn, alte Kirche BACH MEDITATION with Homburger / Guy Duo